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Top faculties in UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi

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Delhi, widely recognized as the nucleus of UPSC exam preparation, is home to a plethora of coaching institutes that serve as crucibles for cultivating the next generation of civil servants. At the core of these institutes are seasoned and accomplished faculties whose expertise, guidance, and mentorship play a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of UPSC aspirants. This article endeavors to spotlight the top faculties in UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi, acknowledging individuals who stand as beacons of knowledge and inspiration for aspirants.

Dr. Roman Saini (Unacademy): Dr. Roman Saini, the co-founder of Unacademy and a former IAS officer, stands as a revered figure in the UPSC coaching landscape. His profound understanding of the UPSC examination, coupled with a dynamic teaching style, has endeared him to aspirants. Dr. Saini’s dedication to simplifying complex concepts and his commitment to the online education platform have garnered widespread acclaim.

Mr. M. K. Mohanty (Vajiram & Ravi): Mr. M. K. Mohanty, associated with Vajiram & Ravi, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of UPSC coaching. With a keen insight into the evolving exam patterns and a knack for breaking down intricate topics, Mr. Mohanty has been instrumental in guiding countless aspirants towards success. His lucid teaching style and comprehensive coverage of subjects make him a standout faculty member.

Mr. Prakash Kumar (Chanakya IAS Academy): As the Director of Chanakya IAS Academy, Mr. Prakash Kumar is a distinguished figure in the UPSC coaching fraternity. His astute guidance and innovative teaching methods have earned him accolades from aspirants. Mr. Kumar’s commitment to holistic preparation and his motivational approach make him a sought-after mentor among UPSC aspirants.

Ms. S.rushti Jayant Deshmukh (ALS IAS Academy): Ms. S.rushti Jayant Deshmukh, a former UPSC topper, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for aspirants. Her association with ALS IAS Academy brings a unique perspective to coaching, offering insights from her personal journey to success. Ms. Deshmukh’s emphasis on a balanced approach to preparation and her relatable teaching style resonates well with UPSC aspirants.

Mr. Rau (Rau’s IAS Study Circle): The eponymous founder of Rau’s IAS Study Circle, Mr. Rau, has left an indelible mark on the UPSC coaching landscape. His institution has produced numerous successful candidates over the years. Mr. Rau’s commitment to maintaining high teaching standards and his focus on comprehensive coverage of the UPSC syllabus continue to make Rau’s IAS Study Circle a preferred choice among aspirants.

Mr. Ashish Malik (Elite IAS Academy): Mr. Ashish Malik, a faculty member at Elite IAS Academy, is recognized for his expertise in the field of geography, a crucial subject in the UPSC syllabus. His lucid teaching style and ability to simplify complex geographical concepts have made him a favorite among aspirants aiming to master this challenging subject. Mr. Malik’s commitment to providing personalized guidance adds to his popularity.

Mr. V. K. Ojha (Vision IAS): As the Director and founder of Vision IAS, Mr. V. K. Ojha has been a guiding force for UPSC aspirants. His comprehensive approach to the UPSC examination and emphasis on current affairs have contributed to the success of numerous candidates. Mr. Ojha’s commitment to providing quality education and staying abreast of the evolving UPSC trends makes him a notable figure in the coaching realm.


The top faculties in UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi are not merely educators; they are mentors who play a crucial role in shaping the aspirations and careers of UPSC aspirants. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to the coaching landscape, inspiring aspirants to reach new heights of excellence. As students embark on the challenging journey of UPSC preparation, the guidance of these top faculties becomes a beacon of light, illuminating the path to success in one of the most prestigious examinations in the country.

Top faculties in UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi


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