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Tina Dabi’s IAS friend is in discussion, she is DM of this district of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan’s 33-year-old talented IAS officer, Artika Shukla, has recently garnered attention on social media, drawing comparisons to Tina Dabi. Artika has been appointed as the collector of the newly established Dudu district. Social media discussions often pair Tina Dabi and IAS Artika Shukla together due to their shared background of cracking the UPSC exam in their first attempt.

Artika’s achievement in clearing the UPSC exam without any coaching reflects her dedication and hard work. Relying on her brother’s notes, she prepared diligently and traveled the path to becoming a collector through her own efforts.

Having pursued MBBS before joining the administrative service, Artika clinched the fourth rank in the UPSC exam in 2015 at the age of 23, demonstrating her capability with just one year of focused preparation. Both her elder brothers, Gaurav and Utkarsh Shukla, are also successful in their own right, having passed the UPSC exam, with Gaurav clearing it in 2012 and Utkarsh becoming an IRTS officer.

Artika’s personal life intersects with her professional journey as she married IAS officer Jasveer Singh in 2017, whom she met during training. Similarly, Tina Dabi’s love story shares parallels with Artika’s.

Additionally, Artika shares a friendship with Tina Dabi, the renowned IAS officer from Rajasthan. Both accomplished their success in the 2015 UPSC exam on their first attempt, with Tina securing the All India first rank and Artika standing fourth nationwide. Reports indicate that they underwent IAS training together, further strengthening their bond.

Tina Dabi’s IAS friend is in discussion, she is DM of this district of Rajasthan

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