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India Launch DigiReady Certification Portal to empower MSMEs

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The DigiReady Certification portal, launched by the Quality Council of India (QCI) and the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), serves as an online platform designed to evaluate and certify the digital readiness of small businesses and retailers across India through a self-assessment process.

This portal, initiated on February 8, 2024, targets Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), enabling them to gauge their preparedness for integration into the ONDC digital network as sellers. By assessing themselves on various parameters such as documentation, software proficiency, and workflow integration, MSMEs can identify their strengths and weaknesses in digital capabilities. The ultimate objective behind this initiative is to enhance the digital proficiency and business potential of MSMEs by facilitating their seamless onboarding onto ONDC’s open e-commerce platform.

Comprising seven modules covering crucial areas of digital integration, the DigiReady Certification portal empowers MSMEs to assess their readiness before joining online marketplaces. By undertaking this self-assessment, MSMEs can ascertain their ability to engage with platforms like ONDC, which aim to democratize e-commerce on a large scale across the country. Becoming certified as DigiReady enables MSMEs, particularly small retailers, to unlock additional online business opportunities and establish themselves firmly within India’s evolving digital economy.

The benefits of DigiReady Certification for small businesses are multifold. Firstly, it streamlines the process of embedding within digital selling environments by ensuring that MSMEs possess the necessary documentation, technological skills, and organizational integration required for digital workflows such as those found in e-commerce. Secondly, it prepares MSMEs to seamlessly integrate with digital platforms by familiarizing them with paperless order management, digital payments, and automated inventory updates, thereby enabling them to access a wider customer base and leverage the burgeoning e-commerce sector. Additionally, DigiReady Certification enhances visibility among digital networking platforms, allowing MSMEs to showcase their products directly to consumers on popular e-shopping platforms and aligns with national objectives to promote digital participation among micro-enterprises and rural retailers. Overall, DigiReady Certification equips MSMEs with the digital skills necessary to thrive in the contemporary business landscape and contributes to the vision of an inclusive and resilient digitized trade ecosystem in India.

India Launch DigiReady Certification Portal to empower MSMEs

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