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From dowry victim to UPSC success: Know the inspiring tale of IRS Komal Ganatra

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After being abandoned shortly after her wedding, she struggled to find justice and returned to her parents’ home in Savarkundala, Gujarat, where she faced harsh criticism and ridicule from relatives and neighbors, as reported by DNA.

In 2012, Komal Ganatra achieved a remarkable feat by not only passing the UPSC Civil Services exam but also securing an impressive rank of 591 among thousands of candidates. However, her journey to success goes beyond the typical UPSC narrative, as she endured profound hardships to reach this milestone.

Married to a businessman from New Zealand at the age of 26 in 2008, Komal was forced out of her in-laws’ home due to her inability to provide a dowry. Left alone just weeks after her marriage, she struggled to seek justice and eventually returned to her parents’ residence in Savarkundala, Gujarat, where she faced further challenges due to societal pressure and ridicule.

With a diploma in engineering, Komal made a decision to forge a new path for herself. She relocated to a remote village approximately 40 kilometers away from her hometown and secured a job as a primary school teacher, earning a modest salary of Rs 5000 per month. It was during this period that she embarked on her journey to prepare for the civil services examination, driven by her personal experiences and a desire to contribute towards positive change within the system.

Despite facing numerous obstacles such as unreliable power supply and a lack of proper guidance in her remote village, Komal persevered in her preparation for the UPSC exam. She was unable to afford an English newspaper, which is crucial for staying updated with current affairs, but briefly gained access to the Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), a Gujarat government institute that supports IAS aspirants in their preparation.

In her fourth attempt in 2012, Komal successfully cleared the civil services examination, securing an all-India rank of 591 and was appointed to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

Currently serving as an Administrative Officer in the Ministry of Defence in Delhi, Komal has also found love again, remarried, and is now a proud mother to a daughter named Takshvi.

Reflecting on her journey, Komal attributes her success to the struggles and difficulties she encountered along the way. She acknowledges that her past challenges have taught her the values of independence and self-sufficiency, shaping her into the strong individual she is today, as expressed in an interview with The Better India.

From dowry victim to UPSC success: Know the inspiring tale of IRS Komal Ganatra

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